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OEDB's Mission

O'ahu Economic Development Board (OEDB), is a non-profit, funded primarily by the private sector. The organization's efforts support a healthy economy on O'ahu by being a leading agent in the growth, retention and recruitment of businesses that support jobs in Hawai'i. OEDB is also actively involved in infrastructure, planning and workforce development to build the foundation for a prosperous economy.

OEDB's top priorities are to: 

1. Retain existing businesses in Hawai'i and assist in their health and where possible expansion.
2. Attract new high value businesses to Hawai'i, including the growth of knowledge based companies.
3. Facilitate progress on such infrastructure and planing issues that involve land, water and permitting in order to move the state towards energy independence and food independence.
4. Participate with other organizations in workforce development planning to ensure that Hawai'i residents have the skills necessary to compete in a global economy.

Economic Development

Oahu Economic Development Board (OEDB) works to bring high value activities to Hawai'i. An important part of that challenge is to help Hawai'i achieve diversification using the tools of economic development. Economic development includes job creation and providing an environment in which the businesses that are right for Hawai'i thrive and grow. Success is measured in many ways: by the new companies that come here, by existing companies that grow and prosper, by good-paying jobs that are created for Hawaii's people, and in the increasing opportunities for local companies to export their goods and services around the world.

The achievement of successful economic development in Hawai'i must be a connective and collective effort. We see it as a private, public partnership with a bottom line measured by our values.

You can help by learning about and championing this vision for Hawaii's future.

What Economic Development Delivers:

  • Increased prosperity for our state, counties and residents.
  • Enhanced job opportunities for today's workers and for our children in the future.
  • An expanded tax base to fund better government services without raising taxes.
  • More discretionary income to provide a stronger flow of charitable contributions.
  • Improved quality of life and standard of living for Hawaii's people.
  • A broadly diversified economy, less vulnerable to outside conditions or events.
  • A healthy, growing economy that is sustainable over the long term.
  • Economic growth that is environmentally and culturally sensitive.